Best Coffee Creamer

Best Coffee Creamer Reviews – Who doesn’t love a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe a nice big mug of hot chocolate after a long day, constantly in and out of the cold – with whipped cream…and perhaps some marshmellows on top?

best coffee creamer

We love our hot beverages and legal caffeine stimulants but we’re probably more health (and calorie-) conscious than ever before! And thanks to the mouth-watering concoctions we’ve all seen in those Hollywood Christmas movies, now we want products with all the added toppings – all the flavour but none of the flab – and why not? After all this is the twentieth-first century!

Ok, arguably a little exaggerated, but equally a valid point nonetheless. And no doubt that’s why you’ve ended up on this page to check out reviews looking at coffee creamers. So, let’s check out what it is we mean by a coffee ‘creamer’…

What is Coffee Creamer?

Creamer refers to a light type of cream, which can come in either granular or liquid form and be added to hot beverages such as tea or coffee to compliment the taste, acting much like milk or ordinary cream.

What are the Benefits?

  • Healthier – it first started to make an appearance back in the 1950s and is still used by many today instead of real cream as it is thought to be a healthier alternative.
    However, it has been suggested that these ‘creamers’ do not in fact contain any actual food substances and so are required to be referred to as ‘whiteners’ in some countries.
  • Long Life – non-dairy coffee creamers do not require refrigerating and of course have a much longer shelf life than their dairy equivalents.
  • Ready to go! – the great thing about these coffee creamers is they are so easy to prepare – exactly what you need when you’re rushing around like a headless chicken in the morning. Stir and Enjoy!

The Original Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer

Whether taken with your morning cup of Joe, or even eaten plain, this Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer promises to be a reasonably priced, great tasting milk-substance equivalent. Perfect for the lactose intolerant, gluten free and with a well-known brand such as Nestle, you know you’ve got a product you can trust!

Easily ordered and with free-shipping, no hassle – no stress!

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  • Cheap
  • Lactose/Gluten-Free
  • Low in Calories

Creamy Chocolate Coffee Creamer – Powdered

Very similar product to the Nestle coffee creamer featured above, but with a twist – a chocolate flavoured powder! Promising to TRANSFORM your normal coffee habits, and at such a bargain price with the ease of service Amazon provides, why not give it a go?

This product contains Sodium Caseinate – a milk derivative, but that been said, it’s a great non-dairy alternative, ideal for any that are lactose-intolerant or maybe if you’re just trying to cut down on your calorie in-take.

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  • 35 Servings (4tsp/serving)
  • Contains a milk derivative
  • Lactose/Gluten-Free

Coffee Creamer – Powdered, French Vanilla

Looking for that added little sweetness with your favourite hot beverage, then this is definitely worth checking out! Especially useful in an office space etc. where there’s no fridge available (or in close proximity).

It’s lactose/gluten and fat-free – it’s even kosher! Simply add 4 tsp – or as many as required and stir!

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  • 35 Servings (4tsp/serving)
  • French Vanilla Flavoured
  • Fat-Free

Coffee Creamer – Liquid, Hazelnut

Another product from #1 America’s favourite coffee creamer – and now in hazelnut flavour. A nice little flair about this product is the fact it comes in a dispenser box – facilitating easier preparation and storage.

The only thing is that it is quite considerably more expensive, so worth comparing with supermarket prices.

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  • Hazelnut Flavoured
  • Four Boxes (50 Count)
  • Kosher Dairy

Coffee Creamer – Powdered, Pumpkin Spice

Perhaps one for the more experienced coffee creamer connoisseur! Pumpkin Spice flavoured adding – a little more than just a twist, to your morning cuppa.

More expensive than other flavours of the same brand and as it’s two 15oz containers, it’s worth probably trying first before purchasing such a large quantity at this price.

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  • Pumpkin Spice Flavoured
  • Twin 15oz Containers
  • Powder