Espresso Cups Buying Guide

This Espresso Cups Guide helps you to buy the perfect espresso cups for your ultimate espresso.

Are you having an espresso machine and looking for nice cups to serve your espresso? There are so many coffee cups which you can buy – but hard to find the perfect one, it`s really confusing. When I searched for the perfect espresso cups I learned so much about what to consider before buying. In the following, you learn more about choosing the right cup to enjoy your perfect coffee.

Why the perfect cup matters

People often think that it doesn`t matter which coffee cup they use for their coffee. But along with different coffee varieties, there come suitable cups. Every cup influences the flavor of your daily brew. You spend lots of time and money on the best roast and espresso machine – and put it in a cup that decreases its ultimate flavor? That is not acceptable.

Just to make it clear, the cup will not change the taste of your daily espresso completely. It just makes the difference between a plain espresso and the Italian way of espresso coffee brewing.

The 5 Best Espresso Cups – have a sip and enjoy

The Best Espresso Cups for a Perfect Shot come in small size, and pretty design.

  1. De’Longhi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses
    These cups are made of double-walled borosilicate glass that keeps the espresso hot while preventing the outside of the cup from getting too hot to handle. The clear glass allows you to see the beautiful crema on top of your espresso shot.

  1. Zenco Living Espresso Cups and Saucers
    These classic ceramic cups come with matching saucers and are the perfect size for a double shot of espresso. The simple yet elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your espresso experience.

  1. Bormioli Rocco Verdi Espresso Cups
    These glass espresso cups have a unique and modern design, with a double-wall construction that keeps your espresso hot while preventing the outside of the cup from getting too hot to handle. The 2.5-ounce capacity is perfect for a single shot of espresso.

  1. Sweese Porcelain Espresso Cups
    These porcelain cups come in a set of six, each with a unique color and design. The cups are dishwasher safe and have a classic and simple design that matches any espresso machine.

  1. LUKA Porcelain Espresso Cups
    These cups have a speckled design that adds a touch of personality to your espresso experience. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them both convenient and stylish.

Choosing the right espresso cup is an important part of the overall espresso experience. Whether you prefer glass, ceramic, or stainless steel, there are a variety of options to choose from. When selecting an espresso cup, consider the material, size, and design.

What you should consider before buying espresso cups?

If wine lovers have different-shaped glasses why shouldn`t coffee lovers have different cups for their favorite beverages? The following tips will help you to find the best espresso demitasse.

  • Is it suitable for hot drinks? If it is not made for hot drinks the coffee cup or glass could split in pieces and the hot coffee could burn you
  • Does it allow you to hold it safely? If the handle is too small you cannot hold it tight and it could drop easily.
  • Has it thick sides? This ensures that your coffee is isolated and keeps it hot for a long time.
  • Does the cup stand well on the table or saucer? If the bottom is too small and the top too wide it can easily fall to the side if it`s moved.
  • Does the size fit the drink? As an espresso has just 1-3 oz. it would look dull in a cappuccino cup. The other reason you need smaller cups is that it fits nicely into your espresso machine

What is the best material for an espresso cup?

The most common material for an espresso cup is porcelain. It is thick and heavy to isolate the espresso and very good to handle. See our Full list of Espresso Cups.

Lately coffee shops and restaurants serve espresso in shot glasses. This allows seeing the dark color and ‘Crema’ way better. If you buy these glass cups, please ensure that they are suitable for hot drinks. Have a look at my Espresso Shot Glass Guide.

What are common espresso cups designs?

For many people out there the perfect coffee mug reflects their personality. Coffee mugs are available in all kinds of different sizes, forms, and colors. My favorite coffee cup has the form of a cow, it just looks funny.

But espresso cups should have a rounded bowl shape inside and no angles. Here we have some really nice designs to light up your kitchen:

What is the best color for an espresso cup?

Espresso is mostly served in plain white porcelain espresso cups because the white reflects the dark brown color of the espresso nicely. Usually, if the cup has another color on the outside it is white inside.

There are many colors out there for espresso cups: Cups can be red, some have elegant writing and others have adorable prints like flowers. The color of the cup does not influence the taste – so go ahead and have a look at our Full Espresso Cups List to choose your perfect demitasse.

Additional Tips for Enjoying Espresso

While the right espresso cup can certainly enhance your espresso experience, there are a few additional tips you can follow to ensure you enjoy the perfect shot every time:

  1. Use high-quality beans – The quality of your espresso largely depends on the quality of the beans you use. Invest in high-quality, freshly roasted beans to get the best flavor and aroma.
  2. Grind the beans fresh – For the best results, grind your beans fresh for each shot of espresso. This ensures maximum flavor and freshness.
  3. Use the right water temperature – The ideal temperature for brewing espresso is between 190-200°F. Make sure your espresso machine is set to the correct temperature for the best results.
  4. Clean your machine regularly – To ensure your espresso machine continues to produce the best shots possible, it’s important to clean it regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Where to Buy the Best Espresso Cups

Now that we’ve discussed the best espresso cups available, you may be wondering where to purchase them. Fortunately, there are several options available to you:

  1. Online retailers – Many online retailers offer a wide selection of espresso cups, including the ones we’ve highlighted in this article. Some popular options include Amazon, Williams Sonoma, and Crate & Barrel.
  2. Specialty coffee shops – If you prefer to purchase your espresso cups in person, consider visiting a specialty coffee shop. Many coffee shops carry a variety of espresso cups and other coffee-related accessories.
  3. Home goods stores – Home goods stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Sur La Table also carry a selection of espresso cups.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase your espresso cups, be sure to read reviews and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Espresso Cups

  1. What is the best material for espresso cups?

The best material for espresso cups is largely a matter of personal preference. Ceramic, glass, and stainless steel are all popular options.

  1. How many ounces should an espresso cup hold?

An espresso cup should hold between 2-3 ounces of liquid.

  1. Can I use regular coffee cups for espresso?

While you can technically use regular coffee cups for espresso, they are not ideal. Espresso cups are specifically designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of espresso, so using a regular coffee cup may result in a less than optimal espresso experience.

  1. Are espresso cups dishwasher safe?

Whether or not espresso cups are dishwasher safe largely depends on the material they are made of. Ceramic and glass cups are typically dishwasher safe, while stainless steel cups may need to be washed by hand.

  1. What is the difference between a demitasse cup and an espresso cup?

A demitasse cup is a small cup used for serving Turkish coffee, espresso, or other strong, concentrated coffee drinks. An espresso cup is a specific type of demitasse cup that is designed specifically for serving espresso.

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